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Utopia Banished

Curated by George Rush and Ryland Wharton 

Sharon Core, Arielle Falk, Aaron Gemmill, Jorge Gonzalez, Dana Hoey, Miranda Lichtenstein, Cameron Martin, Aspen Mays, Dennis McNulty, Walter Sutin, Roger White, Carmen Winant

Text by Ed Steck, Sci-Fi Bookstore by Reading Room

Opening Reception

Saturday, September 10, 2016

6 - 8 pm

The Angela Meleca Gallery is excited to kick off its fourth season by inviting George Rush and Ryland Wharton to curate our fall show, Utopia Banished. Inspired by the sciene fiction books Marc Trilogy, by Kim Stanley Robinson, the exhibition examines the notion of a perfect society and how despite the impossibility of achieving this ideal, humanity isn't deterred from trying. 

From the curators: 

The way we see it, it's pretty much over. The illusion or even hope of a potential utopia that'll be for everyone. There will still be simulations: small, private, guarded luxury compounds for the wealthy of course, and perhaps well-wishing, under the radar collectives, but no more big thinking, no more universal social orders, no more democracy-as-utopia delusions. Too pessimistic? Maybe, but if we accept this truth then there is still work to do. For the artists in this exhibition, the work is on the walls.