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Oldenburg Photographs in T Magazine

Core's "Oldenburgs" presented for the first time in T Magazine feature on Claes Oldenburg, "Claes Oldenburg is (Still) Changing What Art Looks Like," by Randy Kennedy, Sunday New York Times, October 22.

 "Around 2005, the artist Sharon Core began photographing a series she made in which she constructed Claes Oldenburg sculptures from real food, drawing on her experience as a food stylist. 'Few artists have made common objects so viscerally and libidinously powerful' as Oldenburg, she says. She describes 'The Store,' Oldenburg’s 1961 installation featuring sculptures of objects one would find at any corner store as 'Rubens-esque...I felt compelled to make them with my own hands, with real food, as a way of participating in their sensations.'” - Randy Kennedy

Full article here.

2 Cheeseburgers with Everything , 2005

2 Cheeseburgers with Everything, 2005

Pie à la Mode , 2005

Pie à la Mode, 2005

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